Help Me Erect a Statue of Ian in his Birthplace


JTull 007: John O'Hara was here for 2 shows so far. He must be relieved to be on the road again. No info about his temporary absence. Aug 20, 2023 16:11:55 GMT
char1: Thanks JT!!! I was supposed to go to Wolftrap this week, but am too sick!! Very disappointed!!! Aug 20, 2023 17:08:34 GMT
JTull 007: I hope you can recover soon. Temperatures could be very hot this week and outdoor venues can sometimes be overwhelmed. Aug 20, 2023 17:28:06 GMT
char1: Thanks JT!!! Aug 21, 2023 17:53:44 GMT
shiney: anyone see Tull at Sunderland Top Rank 1972? Sure Ian Anderson said they were there for the promoter and he played Thick As Brick intro and Painter first time live...saw them Bay Hotel first time Whitburn 1969. anyone else? Aug 26, 2023 16:57:13 GMT
salmon23: I have 8 cassettes tapes and a book Jethro Tull complete lyrics , need to off load my Dad passed away , few other items but haven’t found the time , this would be a start . Sept 3, 2023 18:24:51 GMT
Jack -A- Lynn: Hey...i came just to say hello. I hope you are ok.. Oct 19, 2023 18:52:50 GMT
Jack -A- Lynn: There's noone... Oct 19, 2023 18:54:56 GMT
rredmond: Sorry I missed you ! Oct 24, 2023 15:16:27 GMT
wwwknave: I believe the key to the tin whistle used in the Whistle is the key of D Dec 10, 2023 16:35:58 GMT
char1: A friend of mine has composed a 50 question, multiple choice quiz on Jethro Tull music. It's really great and I would love to share but I have NO idea how!! Could someone contact me via email: Thanks Mar 7, 2024 18:07:45 GMT
rredmond: I would think the Questions forum would be okay :D But probably best in Humor, Games and Fun Thanks for sharing. Mar 18, 2024 13:20:17 GMT
JT_fan1994: Jethro Tull could play anything: jazz, blues, classical, hard rock, Elizabethan folk. I like how every album sounds different from the one before and after. Apr 2, 2024 22:57:33 GMT *
pv: Hi we were really looking forward to going to see them in London on 21 April I went to school with Ian(he wont remember I was a couple of years behind), unfortunately Sue and I cant make it so we have 2 tickets for sale £40.00 the pair tel 07931738507 Apr 3, 2024 12:25:31 GMT
lukaswas: There is Christmas show in Bristol already on sale... Apr 20, 2024 6:48:54 GMT
lukaswas: Can anyone fix a ticket for me? You see, my Mastercard expired and ticket site does not work for me! I WILL make a Paypal or anything not later than in beginning of May, my word!!! Please!!! Apr 20, 2024 6:50:38 GMT
lukaswas: Already done! Who else is going?? ;) Apr 20, 2024 8:48:59 GMT
ash: Me LOL Apr 20, 2024 13:35:11 GMT
ash: I'm going to the London Pallidum on Monday 8-) :). Anyone else? I know of one other :-X Apr 20, 2024 13:37:57 GMT
theothertull: From Church Times: Interview: Ian Anderson, musician, leader of Jethro Tull May 20, 2024 15:49:01 GMT
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