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Budding Stately Hero: Happy FAther's Day to you guys, from Maryland to Pennsylvania to Jersey to across the pond!! :) Jun 20, 2021 16:09:10 GMT
Jack -A- Lynn: Hi Jackinthegreen ☺️ Jun 21, 2021 22:09:25 GMT
Jack -A- Lynn: Welcome new members! Jun 21, 2021 22:10:39 GMT
rredmond: Father's Day was good in Jersey! Hope it was the same for the rest of you!! Jun 22, 2021 13:38:08 GMT
blacksatindancer: Just found this forum while looking for news on the new album. Also learned that "A New Day" apparently still exists. I thought it died back in the late 90s. Jun 23, 2021 4:20:50 GMT
Budding Stately Hero: Welcome and good evening, Blacksatindancer! Jun 23, 2021 16:51:48 GMT
rredmond: Welcome Jun 24, 2021 12:50:35 GMT
rredmond: !! Jun 24, 2021 12:50:38 GMT
maddogfagin: Hi blacksatindancer - much to see around here - enjoy 8-) Jun 24, 2021 14:26:19 GMT
itullian: Is there a section/thread where Ian's lyrics and poetry can be discussed? Jul 2, 2021 21:27:57 GMT
nonrabbit: Hi itullian, because it's such a big subject :) Ian's lyrics are discussed on just about every thread. There are some old threads - Cross Referenced; Books/Poems that Influenced IA's Lyrics; >> Jul 4, 2021 9:05:03 GMT
nonrabbit: Ian's Favourite Jethro Tull Songs and a favourite of mine - 5 Old IA Letters ( from Yvonne) which gives a fascinating insight into Ian's early thoughts on his songs. All of these Threads can be found in the General Jethro Tull Discussions Thread >>> Jul 4, 2021 9:07:40 GMT
nonrabbit: You can also use the Search button - top left, and although it looks a bit of a faff - I use the first box - "WHAT"... type in "Lyrics" Ignore the "WHERE" box and go to "WHEN" and I usually specify something like 8000 days>>> Jul 4, 2021 9:10:30 GMT
nonrabbit: this goes right the way back and throws up some very interesting posts :) Hope that helps. Jul 4, 2021 9:11:14 GMT
Catqualung: Who will win the final of the EU football championship tomorrow? England? Italy? Covid? Jul 10, 2021 17:49:21 GMT
jackinthegreen: I predict Italy will win on penalties :P Jul 11, 2021 22:28:06 GMT
steelmonkey: Don't be sad, Brits. When my sports teams lose I just remember that sports are just soap opera for men, with no writers, to sell beer and cars. Jul 12, 2021 2:33:48 GMT
ash: I'm not sad because I don't follow football (rofl) Jul 12, 2021 15:39:16 GMT
steelmonkey: When a team I support wins, sports are good diversion and apt metaphors for life...when my team loses? See above. Jul 18, 2021 3:07:33 GMT
steelmonkey: Montreux live album: no audience recognition nor response to easy hint of Budapest coming up or opening notes. Tell me...what is wrong with people? What Tull fan in 2003 doesn't have the sense to express sheer joy at onset of Budapest,live? Jul 19, 2021 0:56:33 GMT