Aqualung Q&A with John Burns (Aqualung engineer)


Equus: I love when Ian plays the saxophone!! :'( Aug 13, 2014 20:04:28 GMT
JTull 007: It was fun while it lasted. The critics hated it back then. After "War Child" and "Too Old to RnR", it returned briefly thanks to David Palmer. :-S Aug 14, 2014 12:35:32 GMT *
steelmonkey: D.P. to I.A.: that song needs a sax solo (totrartytd) I.A. to D.P.: you do it D.P. to I.A.: I don't play sax. I.A. to D.P.: learn ! Aug 14, 2014 17:36:51 GMT
JTull 007: I.A. to all Tull Fans... Here we come with another cool DVD. Start saving now. :D Aug 16, 2014 15:57:06 GMT
steelmonkey: 2014 is gonna be an expensive Tull year between IA and MB releases, two concerts, APP re-release, TAAB 2 live, HE tour visuals etc. Am I complaining? Hell No ! Do Ian and Martin's great grandkids deserve to be rich? Hell Yes ! Aug 16, 2014 16:40:50 GMT
JTull 007: Hey! Now I can play my air guitar with the new dvd and pretend to be Florian Opahle in front of the wide screen t.v. Crank it up! :D Aug 16, 2014 17:38:58 GMT
steelmonkey: Florian may deny it...but watch some old Guns and Roses vids....He's copying Slash !!! ( Not a bad thing) Aug 16, 2014 17:52:02 GMT
JTull 007: That's fine. :D Slash works hard and can shred. I like to rock with the best! ;) Aug 16, 2014 22:13:19 GMT
mahoganyrush68: There are so many brilliant guitar players that are in bands it would take a lifetime to mention their names, but what can i say about Martins' incredible fiery solos over the years, melodic,masterful,hard edged, fiery but always within the context of the Aug 17, 2014 4:04:42 GMT
JTull 007: .Time has shown that many bands are using solos less and less. In the 70's it was almost more than needed even with Ian. Because time is limited by sound curfews, lots of bands cram all the tunes into 2 1/2 hour presentations. Solos are now much shorter. Aug 17, 2014 11:55:56 GMT *
JTull 007: Holy Hot Wings! There is a Hooters in Budapest... OMG! (rofl) Aug 20, 2014 18:06:00 GMT
steelmonkey: 23 days till Homo/Best in Seattle. 23 days !!!! Aug 20, 2014 22:10:06 GMT
JTull 007: Bernie will be sleepless in Seattle soon... 8-| Aug 21, 2014 0:44:13 GMT
teacher: I will be sleepless in Charlotte NC in about 6 weeks. Charlotte is NC's largest city. Small town girl heads to the big city; scary! Aug 22, 2014 2:51:12 GMT
maddogfagin: If you write the book, I'll buy a copy :) Aug 22, 2014 8:43:27 GMT
tootull: Two days ago I was listening to Steven (Wilson) in the studio as we were working on a remaster of the War Child album from 1974. - Ian Anderson Aug 22, 2014 14:03:57 GMT
tootull: Open your windows and I'll walk through your doors. Let me live in your country let me sleep by your shores. WarChild dance the days, and dance the nights away. :D Aug 22, 2014 14:05:14 GMT
steelmonkey: She smiled and I think...she...winked...her...eeeeeeeyyyyyyee....Thanks, I enjoyed that ! Aug 22, 2014 15:33:06 GMT
JTull 007: Teacher will be in Charlotte on October 3rd. I hope she gets to hang out with John O'Hara and the band. ;) Aug 22, 2014 18:24:53 GMT
Equus: I wish you all the best, Teacher! :) Aug 22, 2014 19:48:27 GMT