Aqualung Q&A with John Burns (Aqualung engineer)


rredmond: Don't forget your death's head belt buckle! Nov 22, 2015 8:51:05 GMT
JTull 007: I do have a TULL Buckle from '76 which has Ian on it... O_o Maybe not this time. I'll get something that says "Back To Steel" 8-) Nov 22, 2015 9:52:00 GMT *
tootull: You'll need a belt buckle in case someone tries to stab you...(Donald Trump flips belt buckle to mock Ben Carson ...) :-X YIKES! Nov 22, 2015 10:28:09 GMT
tootull: rredmond cool Nov 22, 2015 10:28:59 GMT
tootull: Now if you think Ray blew it, there was nothing to it. ...And Ray grins from ear to here, and whispers…TOO OLD QUAD lands this week..."Hey Ray let's ride away" Nov 22, 2015 10:32:23 GMT *
rredmond: My leather jacket's buttoned up! Nov 22, 2015 11:08:07 GMT
tootull: diamond spurs jangling into the sunset? And you can ring a crown of roses round your cranium! & don't forget to BUY TOO OLD. & Think you must have me all wrong. Nov 22, 2015 13:50:37 GMT
tootull: The Jethro Tull Forum must be declared a great success - Thanks all! Nov 22, 2015 13:51:37 GMT
JTull 007: I'll be ready to 'DUMP' Trump or 'Gentle Ben' Carson if they mess with my buckle. "Back To Steel" will ROCK ! Nov 22, 2015 20:47:38 GMT
steelmonkey: Amazon tells me I get my TOTRARTYTD on 11-29. I'll be thankful in advance. Nov 22, 2015 22:11:58 GMT
1971roadrunner: JTull007- a Tull buckle from '76? You are now officially the coolest person I know :D Nov 23, 2015 10:23:41 GMT
JTull 007: It makes me feel special when I dress up... I may wear it in Atlanta next April 8-) Nov 23, 2015 10:52:41 GMT *
steelmonkey: When I was robbed at gunpoint by creeps who picked me up hitch-hiking and left me naked by the road in the desert, the greatest loss was my War Child belt buckle, given to me by reception staff at Chrysalis in LA. We're talking July 1975. Nov 23, 2015 19:45:16 GMT
JTull 007: That would have been like cutting off my arm ... >:D Nov 23, 2015 19:54:00 GMT
nonrabbit: Do you think that the stripping you naked was just foreplay to the climax that was stealing your Tull belt? Nov 24, 2015 7:14:53 GMT *
1971roadrunner: Poor Steelmonkey. Here's to better days ahead. Hey everyone, I have off work until Monday, wanted to wish you all a happy holiday, and don't forget to listen to the Tull Christmas album! ;) Nov 24, 2015 7:15:12 GMT
JTull 007: Happy Holidays to all including those who don't celebrate with Turkey, dressing, gravy, green peas, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole with pecans on top, cranberry sauce, pumpkin pie with whipped cream, ... :D Nov 24, 2015 11:42:05 GMT
maddogfagin: OK so it's advice on diets after Thanksgiving. Get your notebooks out - Ms Rabbit will be around with plenty of tips on slimming and how to get rid of all those extra pounds O_o Nov 25, 2015 3:37:47 GMT *
nonrabbit: Ms Rabbit is the expert on talking about dieting .......talking! Nov 25, 2015 5:48:15 GMT
JTull 007: I just eat what tastes good and figure out where I can walk my TULL Beagle later... :D Usually on the TULL Trail about 5 minutes away. Nov 25, 2015 10:31:07 GMT