A Passion Play


onewhiteduck: Someone commented on here that that 'The World Feeds Me' was a bit 'twee'. I think its a great tune and really sat well with the Tull story. Great singing by Anna (I can't spell her name off the top of my head)...... just a catchy tune. Sept 27, 2015 18:06:27 GMT
onewhiteduck: ...........and another thing. I love the live version of Witch's Promise from the Opera. Jethro Tull for 2015, evolving 'through the years'. Its all ok its all official. Sept 28, 2015 19:09:44 GMT
JTull 007: That's very true... The visuals work well with each tune but something is surreal and beautiful. Now we have a Tull Witch whom lures you to the song with a seductive style. ;) I'm under the spell Unnur is casting... 8-) Sept 28, 2015 21:06:26 GMT
steelmonkey: Obscure rocker/bluesman sighting..ran into Nick Gravenites at morning coffee cafe in Berkeley. He played with Mike Bloomfield, John Cippolina and all kinds of other American blues/rock middling bands. Oct 1, 2015 15:28:08 GMT
tootull: Are we having a Milli Vanilli moment in Tull world... ;) (rofl) Oct 1, 2015 16:09:55 GMT
maddogfagin: Tulli Vanilli perhaps ? ;) Oct 2, 2015 8:26:22 GMT
JTull 007: Just spoke with Manny in Buenos Aires... SHOWTIME is now! :D Oct 2, 2015 23:59:55 GMT
tootull: Smile your little smile take some tea with me awhile. And every day we'll turn another page. Behind our glass we'll sit and look at our ever-open book: One brown mouse sitting in a cage. Oct 3, 2015 20:25:08 GMT
JTull 007: Those pics from Buenos Aires made me smile :D Thanks again TooTull ;) My wife made some Luzianne Sweet Tea for me in my cage. 8-) Oct 4, 2015 12:00:57 GMT
tootull: :D :D :D Do you wonder if I really care for you, Am I just the company you keep? Which one of us exercises on the old treadmill, Who hides his head, pretending to sleep? Oct 4, 2015 18:26:45 GMT
tootull: Yes, I care, hope Jim can handle all that WATER! YIKES! - And the weather-man says something's on the move. Oct 7, 2015 13:59:14 GMT
tootull: Is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home? Come on now - I hear you're feeling down - Well, I can ease your pain And get you on your feet again Relax I'll need some information first Just the basic facts... Oct 8, 2015 15:29:42 GMT *
tootull: Oh yeah, I forgot. ALL THE BEST TO THE TORONTO BLUE JAYS! Just win! Oct 8, 2015 15:40:32 GMT
maddogfagin: 8-) Oct 8, 2015 16:37:04 GMT
steelmonkey: Especially Josh Donaldson Oct 8, 2015 18:37:07 GMT
tootull: Donaldson just took a knee to the head sliding into second base - he's out of the game. Oct 8, 2015 21:22:35 GMT
maddogfagin: So who won ? Oct 9, 2015 15:33:13 GMT
steelmonkey: Canadians vs Texans....there's an easy choice ! Oct 9, 2015 16:45:07 GMT
steelmonkey: Texans won first game (best of 5) . Canadian prospects still good. Oct 9, 2015 16:46:20 GMT
futureshock: Funny that in Toronto the BlueJays do so well, while the Leafs couldn't win a game or do anything in the playoffs under any conditions, decade after decade. Oct 12, 2015 2:51:45 GMT