A Passion Play


tootull: WINGS? McCartney? Feb 24, 2015 16:45:22 GMT
tootull: Your fingers may freeze, worse things happen at sea, there's good times to be had. So if you're alone and you're down to the bone, just give us a play. You'll smile in a while and discover that I'll get you happy my way. Nothing's easy. Feb 24, 2015 16:45:50 GMT
futureshock: Speaking of WINGS on a tangent: is there a photo of Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond where his feet are actually touching the ground? Feb 24, 2015 19:31:12 GMT
rredmond: Though time gets you worrying my friend, it's o.k. Just take your life easy and stop all that hurrying, be happy my way. Feb 24, 2015 19:32:25 GMT
tootull: have all the bishops harmonize these lines...you had the whole damn thing all wrong He's not the kind you have to wind up on Sundays. ;) Feb 26, 2015 15:11:02 GMT
JTull 007: Burgermeister: It's a difficult responsibility That you accept from the number-one lawmaker, me. Have it known throughout the land from sea to sea, There'll be no more Jethro Tull when Ian sings! Feb 26, 2015 15:18:22 GMT
tootull: Ian Anderson will sing of Jethro Tull the seed driller, not in Jethro Tull the group. I see clearly now! :D Feb 26, 2015 15:59:31 GMT
tootull: Ian what have you done: locked Tull in their golden cage. Made Tull bend to your religion, they're resurrected from the grave, the seed driller is resurrected from the grave. Tull is the god of nothing if that's all that you can see. Feb 26, 2015 16:53:21 GMT
tootull: fixed! :D Feb 26, 2015 16:54:04 GMT
steelmonkey: Tull is the God of everything...it's inside you and me.... Feb 26, 2015 16:55:12 GMT
tootull: he's got him fixed -- confuses me as to who and where and why -- steelmonkey confessing to the endless sin -- the endless whining sounds. He'll be praying till next Thursday to all the gods that you can count...Neil Young for one...for fun Feb 26, 2015 17:09:13 GMT
JTull 007: All the silver flutes-- melt them down, Wash the face of Aqualung in every town, Each TULL Balloon -- deflate it. No, I don't want to debate it! >:( Feb 26, 2015 18:26:38 GMT
JTull 007: The Passion Play ballerinas who pirouette, Arrest their musical toes! Outlaw the new songs and all their notes They bring me only woes! ;-| Feb 26, 2015 18:28:48 GMT *
tootull: And later on the Anderson road, I meet Jim and the wise man winks a smile. And who am I to fast deny Jim the right to use the word Tull once in a while? Feb 26, 2015 18:37:04 GMT
JTull 007: Every Jack-in-the Green be frozen, Till my wounded pride be chosen, All the hares with no spectacles -- catch them! When a Kangaroo objects -- fetch them! :o Feb 26, 2015 22:30:40 GMT
JTull 007: No more drummers who rat-a-tat-tat, No saxaphones who root-a-toot-toot, Don't let me see another TULL DVD, Or you will feel my boot! ??? Feb 26, 2015 22:33:02 GMT
tootull: ce que le diable? Feb 26, 2015 23:39:37 GMT
tootull: And objects in the rear view mirror may appear closer than they appear Feb 26, 2015 23:40:33 GMT
steelmonkey: Le diable c'est moi ! Feb 27, 2015 2:53:51 GMT
tootull: Le dernier hymne est chanté et le diable pleure " Plus . " vous diable Feb 27, 2015 3:21:40 GMT