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Harry S. Anchan: Thanks, Jack. Oct 26, 2020 14:58:59 GMT
ash: Anyone heard from JTull 007? Nov 1, 2020 13:53:14 GMT
nonrabbit: Ash, maybe Jim's just having a couple of days away :) Nov 1, 2020 21:01:27 GMT
jackinthegreen: nonrabbit, how come "Chester" all of a sudden became "deleted" ? Nov 1, 2020 22:12:55 GMT
fluteinthegallery: I can trade CDR via snail mail or FLAC lossless through WeTransfer. NO MP3's. Please take a look at my site and let me know via the email link if you would like to trade. I have plenty of good trade references if you need them. Nov 2, 2020 6:23:23 GMT *
rredmond: I think you can delete your own membership here. Too afraid I might do that accidentally to check. :) Sometimes new folks get deleted because they are spammers in Tull disguise. Chester has been here a coupla years, so don't think that was the case now. Nov 2, 2020 16:34:44 GMT
jackinthegreen: Thanks rredmond. Nov 2, 2020 19:48:38 GMT
ash: lucky man ;) Nov 3, 2020 7:36:40 GMT
nonrabbit: Jackinthegreen As Graham and RRedmond have said, you're able to delete your own account and for any reason. Nov 3, 2020 10:24:56 GMT *
jackinthegreen: Yes n/r I knew that, I was just wondering why? I guess no-one knows? Nov 4, 2020 1:01:05 GMT
JTull 007: 8 days ago I lost power and internet. After 12 hours power returned but no internet till today. A HUGE THANK YOU to the JETHRO TULL FORUM :D I HAVE RETURNED !!! Nov 7, 2020 2:00:14 GMT
bunkerfan: It's good to have you back Jim, the place just ain't the same without you :) Nov 7, 2020 7:49:03 GMT
JTull 007: I'll be catching up on many things now. Hopefully we will survive future interruptions due to weather. I never felt so helpless after being online since 2007. 8-) With TULL there is HOPE 8-) Nov 7, 2020 11:39:44 GMT
udse55: Hi guys,
can anyone tell me which guitar (brand+type) Ian Anderson is playing at the title "Jack a Lynn", concert in Turkey 'Live in Istanbul 1991' on youtube []?
Many thanks Udse
Nov 10, 2020 14:11:42 GMT
maddogfagin: Possibly a Guild acoustic cutaway but I'm not sure Nov 10, 2020 15:38:16 GMT
botanicman: Indeed, it is a Guild Songbird guitar. Good catch maddog! Nov 10, 2020 21:06:23 GMT
udse55: Hey maddog, hey botanicman,
thank you very much for your help. This is a Guild Songbird S4CE Gloss Natural Acoustic Electric Guitar Black. Now I just have to find someone to give it to me. Thanks again
Nov 11, 2020 12:24:05 GMT
maddogfagin: :) Nov 12, 2020 18:17:33 GMT
futureshock: After we hear COVID19 vaccine is looking good in Phase 3 trials + long before we know when it's to be available, I'd just like to say that coffee is a wonderful thing in the morning. With a dash of baking soda, coconut, maybe ginger,clove, what else? Nov 12, 2020 19:40:59 GMT
botanicman: Amaretto? Nov 14, 2020 3:48:29 GMT