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theothertull: Curious why no one on this board discusses: Talk Tull To Me: Jul 29, 2020 16:55:56 GMT
rredmond: fecklessmomes has an RPG podcast too! Interesting... Jul 30, 2020 21:13:43 GMT
fluteinthegallery: Good evening/morning friends! It's been a while and thought I would stop by! Jul 31, 2020 9:15:06 GMT
maddogfagin: Good to see you for sure 8-) Aug 2, 2020 15:34:31 GMT
fluteinthegallery: Still searching for some CD's. Please check my post under "Need help finding"... topic. Thanks and have a great weekend. Aug 15, 2020 20:39:43 GMT
wilburysteve: Evening! My eldest granddaughter loves her gardening job & enjoys nature etc, so I've given her a copy of "songs from the wood" & explained about some of the background folklore. Hopefully she'll like it! keep well everyone Aug 18, 2020 20:42:42 GMT
jackinthegreen: Can someone jog my memory do you start a new thread? Aug 22, 2020 22:00:46 GMT
nonrabbit: Hi jackinthegreen, if you go into one of the main threads eg "General Jethro Tull Discussions" you'll see a "create thread" button on the top right. Aug 23, 2020 16:00:06 GMT
jackinthegreen: Thank-you nonrabbit, it's been a long time since I had done so :D Aug 23, 2020 20:12:40 GMT
nonrabbit: Your very welcome :) Aug 24, 2020 8:05:22 GMT
botanicman: So, Martin Barre is doing his own 50th Anniversary double cd release....Pretty cool Sept 15, 2020 2:20:37 GMT
nonrabbit: Cheers for that botanicman Sept 15, 2020 17:55:16 GMT
rredmond: :D Sept 19, 2020 15:37:24 GMT
rredmond: Must listen to Dark Ages now! Thanks all! :D Sept 21, 2020 16:58:56 GMT
nonrabbit: Same here :D Sept 21, 2020 19:40:47 GMT
rredmond: Great, now I have to listen to Flying Dutchman! Thanks nonrabbit!! ;) :D Sept 22, 2020 14:40:18 GMT
nonrabbit: Look forward to your thesis Mr Redmond :D Sept 22, 2020 15:52:17 GMT
rredmond: So good... that is all! ;) Oct 1, 2020 13:09:33 GMT
huckleberryflynn: Hi, I'm Huck from Northern Ireland. I've been a Tull fan since hearing Life is a Long Song, at the back of a classroom in 1971. Still my favourite band. Hope to learn and share a lot with all the good people on this board. Oct 16, 2020 10:24:47 GMT
rredmond: Hey Huck! Oct 16, 2020 15:03:05 GMT