Andrew Giddings


tootull: A 5.1 player for Bernie, almost there! Apr 23, 2014 12:43:37 GMT
rainbowblue: Bernie, I just got confirmation that HE has shipped from Amazon (river in S.America,I think). Expected Friday, but you`ll get yours today. ;) Apr 23, 2014 15:52:38 GMT
steelmonkey: I ordered my deluxe H.E, from Burning Shed ( aka: BS).... Apr 23, 2014 15:55:55 GMT
tootull: Wild western hero, if you insist on still using the Pony Express, you'll get a history lesson on delivery times. HE ride on the way. RELAX! Be Safe! Apr 23, 2014 16:10:45 GMT *
rainbowblue: Cheer up! It could have been delivered on a slow boat from China. Apr 23, 2014 16:13:23 GMT
steelmonkey: 'safe' is my middle name. Apr 23, 2014 16:34:07 GMT
tootull: Bernie Safe...more BS :D Apr 23, 2014 16:35:58 GMT
mbanford: got mine yesterday.It may take some time to sort out the lyrics.The music is good, but you knew that. Apr 23, 2014 18:46:27 GMT
steelmonkey: Am I the only one who thinks the basic Homo E. riff is absolute gold, magic, deep Tull perfection and everything else is bonus ? I can't get enough of 'Enter' and 'Cold, Dead'. Apr 23, 2014 22:21:51 GMT
steelmonkey: drumsticks before 'banish zombies' also pure gold. Apr 23, 2014 22:34:55 GMT
JTull 007: Makes sense to me. The more I listen, the better it gets... 8-) Apr 23, 2014 22:46:45 GMT
steelmonkey: The Homo has landed ...finally....happily....all well. Apr 24, 2014 2:12:45 GMT
steelmonkey: Oh that;s nice.... Apr 24, 2014 2:57:00 GMT
Equus: Congratulations Sir Steel! Finaly... Apr 24, 2014 5:49:13 GMT
maddogfagin: Good news Bernie 8-) Apr 24, 2014 8:12:26 GMT
steelmonkey: Yes, it's Christmas, Hannukah, Easter and Passover at my house. Apr 24, 2014 11:37:21 GMT
JTull 007: "Songs From The Homo"... Makes you feel much better than you could know! Hoorah for Bernie! :D Apr 24, 2014 11:39:52 GMT
tootull: Yes, good news Bernie. Apr 24, 2014 15:38:24 GMT
steelmonkey: Bizarre to come home from work and NOT look for delivery! Apr 25, 2014 0:31:34 GMT
futureshock: Really amazed that more people aren't becoming members so they can contribute to the Word Association thread. What else could be more important? Apr 25, 2014 3:06:41 GMT