tull tattoo ?


rredmond: heh, I like Marillion. I think I was introduced by the same dude who introduced my to Tull in my first year of college. Good times! Apr 23, 2015 17:47:40 GMT
tootull: Who, Guess Who ?? Apr 23, 2015 18:40:04 GMT
maddogfagin: The Doctor is in O_o Apr 24, 2015 8:44:24 GMT
zendad: David Goodier...... does anyone know why David Goodier isn't playing on the current tour? And who is his replacement? Apr 24, 2015 11:36:18 GMT
tootull: maddogfagin: The Doctor is in O_o to see the kindly doctor to pass the super pill. Well, I'm goin down to revisit Dr. Bogenbroom. Well, I'm on my way, three cheers for Dr. Bogenbroom. :D Apr 24, 2015 13:56:37 GMT
maddogfagin: I'll book an appointment :D Apr 24, 2015 16:37:33 GMT
JTull 007: Got a surprise especially for you, Something that all of us, Have always wanted to do...We've waited so long, Waited so long, We've waited so long, Waited so long... ::) Apr 24, 2015 19:45:42 GMT
JTull 007: I'm gonna take a trip not far from here, I've got two tickets in my pocket, now baby, gonna disappear, We've waited so long, Waited so long, We've waited so long, Waited so long... I Got 2 Tickets to Martin Barre! Pack your bags it's not too far... (rofl) Apr 24, 2015 20:02:44 GMT
onewhiteduck: Go Jim Go................. Apr 24, 2015 21:18:26 GMT
futureshock: Everyone have a great weekend. Oh, I suppose you were going to anyway, so never mind. Have a great Friday next week, and then the Tuesday and Wednesday two weeks after that. Apr 24, 2015 22:23:22 GMT
JTull 007: Thanks Andrew :D Your Martin Barre Tour book was a very cool omen! After that all things began to happen. 8-) Apr 24, 2015 23:32:05 GMT
rredmond: Two tickets to Martin Barre... excellent! Apr 25, 2015 14:02:00 GMT
tootull: Martin Barre was in Jethro Tull...right :D Jim, enjoy! Apr 25, 2015 14:50:18 GMT
rredmond: :o Apr 25, 2015 14:57:38 GMT
rredmond: No you din't Apr 25, 2015 14:57:45 GMT
tootull: (rofl) Couldn`t resist. - the never ending punchline (rofl) I love SLOB, Martin Barre is on that one, too. HOORAY! Apr 25, 2015 15:02:34 GMT
JTull 007: Martin is not a SLOB... O_o His wife makes sure he keeps his guitars and strings very clean. Apr 25, 2015 15:42:49 GMT
tootull: I know the feeling. Seems all too contrived. There was no master plan, but the fact is: (rofl) ...The truth of the matter, yet to be spoken in words on which everything, everything's riding. Apr 25, 2015 15:48:49 GMT
tootull: :D :D Apr 25, 2015 15:49:23 GMT
JTull 007: My place used to look like "El NiƱo" had blown through till I got married...Hmmm? I wonder if Martin could play those riffs for me next December. Imagine what Ian would think? Just guitars, bass and drums...Wow! 8-) Apr 25, 2015 19:56:39 GMT