Sophie Solena


maddogfagin: I would guess that with the "recognition" he's now got with the association with IA he'll be in demand for session and production work. Maybe he could be asked to remix the later Tull albums after Stormwatch if SW hasn't the time. 8-) Nov 14, 2019 7:56:45 GMT
nonrabbit: Good stuff! Nov 14, 2019 17:56:17 GMT
sealion: Mmm, my Signature copy arrived yesterday and I've now got most of the way through it. It's certainly a lovely book but worth the £275? Nov 21, 2019 12:52:45 GMT
sealion: Essentially we're paying £235 for a number, a 7" vinyl (which, let's be honest, isn't that great), 2 art prints, IA's autograph and a box. Oh yes, and my name listed in the back. A pair of tickets for the 2020 tour would've been a nice gesture.... Nov 21, 2019 13:03:40 GMT
sealion: Do I regret it? Not really, because it's Jethro Tull, but, perversely,I probably would've done if I'd only gone for the cheaper version! That said I'm not sure how the price difference between the two versions can be justified... Nov 21, 2019 13:12:02 GMT
sealion: Jethro Tull the prog years? So it's Passion Play in it's entirety then! Nov 21, 2019 13:34:00 GMT
maddogfagin: That would please Bernie 8-) Nov 21, 2019 15:40:52 GMT
steelmonkey: As it is I may have to travel far to see this tour Nov 23, 2019 4:02:52 GMT
steelmonkey: Got new job, starting Feb 3,2020, Tull book and Stormwatch, all just in time for Thanksgiving. Prsent and promise to self: Catch up on Tull forum this weekend. Fair warning: reviews and rants/raves/nonsense looming like the big bear cover of Stormwatch. Nov 27, 2019 22:58:37 GMT
maddogfagin: :o Nov 28, 2019 7:34:51 GMT
nonrabbit: Well done Steelmonkey Dec 3, 2019 12:10:41 GMT
nonrabbit: Very formal there - I mean BernieBoy Dec 3, 2019 12:11:10 GMT
steelmonkey: Tentative start date, Feb. 3. Dec 5, 2019 17:07:01 GMT
steelmonkey: Not excited about return to work...but if I behave, this job should carry me till legitimate retirement age. Dec 5, 2019 17:08:31 GMT
rredmond: Good luck! Dec 6, 2019 16:33:12 GMT
ash: George Pitcher has a new codpiece (rofl) Dec 7, 2019 17:08:21 GMT
maddogfagin: Cripes Dec 8, 2019 7:23:55 GMT
bassackwards: I believe Florian and his wife have a new music business thingy they are starting. Can't remember where I read that. Dec 9, 2019 21:46:30 GMT
ash: bassackwards: Set up a few years back now! RedBoxx Studios Die Audio & Foto GmbH . Facebook page setup in May 2017 Dec 11, 2019 14:57:12 GMT *
mossyrock: Hello! I am a life long fan of the artist and band intending to contribute additional knowledge at times or just comment generally in a kind way. Thank you Dec 12, 2019 22:08:08 GMT