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steelmonkey: god god dam...the burning shed man... Mar 25, 2015 17:19:26 GMT
bunkerfan: Minstrel's over £3 cheaper with the burning shed man. ;) Mar 25, 2015 19:47:10 GMT
steelmonkey: yeah, but they held my Homo Erraticus hostage while the rest of you wallowed...cost me ten bucks to download it cuz I couldn't wait. They are, to quote Metullica: Unforgiven. Mar 26, 2015 2:17:02 GMT
JTull 007: I got mine 6 days late last April. The agony was worth the ecstasy... :D Mar 26, 2015 2:28:49 GMT
onewhiteduck: I'm a Burning Shed man. Talking of late,I bought my 'Opera' tickets with Gigwise and have been told they will be dispatched two weeks before the gig. Hope they dont forget. ;) Mar 26, 2015 9:57:07 GMT *
maddogfagin: Amazon for Tull and direct through Mick's site for Revived Mar 26, 2015 18:00:01 GMT
tootull: 'My lord and lady, we have fortuitously happened upon these, er, strolling players, who will provide you with, er, goodly tunes... :D My favourite Tull album, yeah, yeah, yeah. Mar 27, 2015 16:36:39 GMT
steelmonkey: Baker Street Muse, last 6 minutes, as intense and Tullish as Overseer Overture. Mar 27, 2015 17:29:58 GMT
onewhiteduck: Immense and Intense Tull. Mar 27, 2015 20:41:31 GMT
tootull: Isn't it just too damn real? Two white ducks on your wall. Two ducks on your wall. ;) Mar 28, 2015 13:02:50 GMT
steelmonkey: Mar 28, 2015 16:06:34 GMT
tootull: That's a good one (the song that is :D) - was it really true there are elephants and lions too Mar 28, 2015 17:40:19 GMT *
onewhiteduck: Mother Goose on the Aqualung Live CD is just the best. 8-| Mar 28, 2015 20:31:37 GMT
nonrabbit: Does it sound like poultry to you Duck? Mar 29, 2015 9:40:19 GMT
maddogfagin: Or more importantly, does it taste like poultry ? Mar 29, 2015 16:25:11 GMT
tootull: Crazy, crazy, crazy, 8-) I might not be responsible for the things that I might do...Bees in my bonnet. Stew in juice. Sauté-simmer, shallow-fry Mar 29, 2015 16:38:51 GMT
steelmonkey: I somehow completely missed the Mother Goose remake on the Aqualung 99 album until I heard the similar arrangement and additions on the orchestral Tull DVD years later,....I must have given the 99 CD a couple superficial, inattentive listens. Mar 31, 2015 0:14:08 GMT
steelmonkey: When I raved on old Tull sites about Mother Goose on Orchestral Tull,I was politely directed to the free CD and found the even stronger band version of latter day Ma Goose. Mar 31, 2015 0:15:51 GMT
tootull: Mother Goose - Top-tier - Well recommended in all forms mentioned. Great! (and his sister's weird: she drives a lorry). (rofl) Mar 31, 2015 14:37:28 GMT
steelmonkey: Laurie who? Wonder (aloud) Americans who don't know British give big, macho trucks a girlie name. Mar 31, 2015 19:44:17 GMT